David Jo Bradley is an Australian documentary photographer.


While exploiting the secret strangeness of human existence in photographic images, at its core David’s photography sheds a familiar light on the world. Key themes include the functions of consumerism and environmental sustainability, coupled with Chinese and American culture, and how these factors influence the world at large.


David has undertaken several international documentary projects, each focussing on the exchange between culture and the environment. Recently he investigated Northwest Australia, documenting human impact on the Cape Range bioregion, which includes the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park and the Cape Range National Park.


In 2011 he travelled to China to commence the first phase of documenting the impact of a rapidly transitioning country on both its landscape and its people. Also in 2011 he visited Madagascar, Mongolia and Russia, documenting social change brought about by communication technologies in societies at various stages of economic and social development.


In 2013 David was awarded an Australian Post Graduate Award and an ECU Research Excellence Award in recognition of his contribution to investigating human relationships with landscape. These grants allow him to conduct PhD research into Chinese culture and landscape, which will culminate in 2016 with the development of a large-scale photographic project.


He currently lives and works in Perth, Western Australia.